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The Oddly Satisfying Spa

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An immersive performance in a digital-era day spa


Designed as an antidote for the stressors of the modern, tech-fueled world, The Oddly Satisfying Spa offers the best in nourishing distraction. A visit to the spa allows guests to explore our facility and experience a range of interactive treatments. Our medically unquestionable approach combines immersive technology, exclusive meditation practices and new-age rituals guaranteed to make you well.  Learn more...

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The TenantS of

Nourishing Distraction


1. achieve Perfect balance through looping action


2. Employ Technology and Digital media as a tool for social Isolation


3. Discover the composition of materials through tactile play


4. Explore Surroundings slowly, Quietly, and with curiosity


5. embrace the selfishness of Satisfaction