Luxury Escapism

Luxury Escapism is an experimental platform for examining the many faces of modern escapism with a sense of humor, intrigue, and collaboration.  Through a focus on immersive design and technology, Luxury Escapism hopes to bring audiences into their own minds, to question their own tactics of escapism, and often to embrace or celebrate them. 


The oddly satisfying spa

Inspired by strange and satisfying Internet content trends like slime making, sand cutting, and chalk shaving, The Oddly Satisfying Spa is focused on recreating and re-contextualizing these trends in an immersive, performative environment driven by sensory stimulation.

In the era of constant connectedness, technology addiction, and social anxiety, The Oddly Satisfying Spa offers a nourishing escape - encouraging visitors to seek satisfaction through self indulgence.

For 3 days only, guests are invited to experience oddly satisfying treatments that combine technology, wellness, and new age rituals.

In addition to our take on satisfaction, we have invited artist collaborators to showcase their own interpretations of satisfying and meditative digital media.